New hidden-camera footage recorded by a Mercy For Animals whistleblower at Fleming Chicks, a hatchery owned by Maple Lodge Farms, reveals horrific animal cruelty.

The miserable lives of chickens killed for meat begin here, at the hatchery. Baby chicks are ground up alive in macerators, roughly dropped onto machines, viciously killed by having their necks smashed against metal edges of factory equipment, and dumped into baskets and left to suffer for hours before death.

 Life Is Hell  for Newly Hatched Chicks

Slammed.  Discarded. 
Left to Suffer.

Inside this hatchery, chicks endure unimaginable pain and horrific abuse. Watch MFA's hidden-camera footage.

This isn’t the first time Maple Lodge Farms has been caught abusing animals.

Previous exposés by MFA at Maple Lodge Farms have also uncovered horrific animal cruelty. In a previous exposé, a whistleblower filmed birds violently slammed into metal shackles, shocked with electricity, and cut open at the throat while still conscious and able to feel pain. Countless animals froze to death during transport.

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"It’s difficult to relate to the terror newborn chicks must feel as they are loaded onto a conveyor belt with thousands of other birds, roughly handled and thrown, crashing into the metal of the industrial machines that surround them. Nothing I’ve experienced even comes close. But I witnessed thousands of birds endure this torture at Fleming Chicks every day.

Their only hope is that people leave animal products off their plates and stop funding an industry where abuse and suffering run rampant."

— Jesse, an MFA whistleblower